Top 5 Streetwear Clothing Stores in Arizona

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February 10, 2021
streetwear clothing store arizona

Finding streetwear stores in a place like Arizona where sneakers and drip aren’t the forefront of culture like they are in New York and Los Angeles can prove to be a pretty difficult task. Arizona, and more specifically, Tempe, Arizona is an emerging streetwear market where brands like Supreme, BAPE, VLONE, and Palm Angels are beginning to be top of mind when it comes to men’s clothing and style. To help you find your next clothing and/or sneaker cop we’ve narrowed down a list of the top 5 best stores in Arizona to find the newest pieces from your favorite hypebeast brands.

Lost Boys Studios in Tempe

arizona streetwear clothing sneakers

Lost Boys Studios is one of the most unique storefronts in all of Arizona and has an endless selection of sneakers, streetwear and vintage clothing. Hanging chains and cinderblocks tie together their black & white minimalist concept perfectly while the in-house barber and fully stacked photography studio add a creative dynamic unlike anything you’ve seen. Along with their huge streetwear and sneaker selection, Lost Boys Studios offers a multitude of different creative design services including web design, graphic design, illustration, branding, and much more. 

Wang’s Closet in Scottsdale

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Wang’s Closet in Scottsdale is one of the more well known sneaker and streetwear resale shops in Arizona. Always packed from open to close you can go in on Monday and back again on Tuesday only to find a completely different selection from the day before. With a great staff who is extremely knowledgeable on the latest trends, Wang’s is definitely a destination to hit when looking to pick up some new pieces.

Guest List at Arizona Mills

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Off rip, Guest List’s clothing selection is ass, but with that said they have one of the best and largest selections of sneakers in Arizona. The inside is definitely a vibe with a super friendly staff and rows upon rows of the latest and greatest Jordans, Dunks, Yeezys and a special glass case filled with Balenciagas, McQueens, you name it. If you’re looking to make a sneaker cop, Guest List should definitely be a place you hit.

Wang’s Vintage in Phoenix

Image result for wangs vintage

Wang’s Vintage off 7th St is our favorite vintage store we’ve ever been to period. With literally thousands of pieces to choose from you can find yourself getting lost browsing tees for an hour. Nemo and his staff have created an unmatched customer experience that is down to Earth, personalized, and friendly every time you walk through their doors. With endless new pieces filtering into the shop, the Wang’s Vintage team does a great job posting to their Instagram about what they just got in and communicating with you one on one if you DM showing interest. Some of our favorite pieces we’ve ever picked up have been hidden within their seemingly endless selection of vintage tees. Wang’s Vintage is an absolute must if you’re looking to find some hidden gems you won’t find anywhere else. 

One Five One in Scottsdale Fashion Square

One Five One located on the second level of Scottsdale Fashion Square is a whole vibe in and of itself. Here you won’t find hypebeast brands like VLONE or BAPE, but instead more underground fashion where if you know, you know. With brands on display such as Daf’s Siberia Hills, Pleasures, Rhude, ACW, and Heron Preston One Five One offers a selection different from the other stores listed here. The inside of the store is extremely aesthetic and super high end which makes for an incredible shopping experience while also having a prime location that keeps the store busy. One Five One’s employees are all brand owners themselves who rock all of the latest pieces that the store has to offer and can always get you right with the latest and greatest pieces to pick up.

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