Is Bobby Shmurda Getting Released From Prison Soon?

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September 24, 2019
bobby shmurda release from prison

Brookyln’s 2014 hip-hop sensation Bobby Shmurda is reportedly set to be released from prison during the winter months of 2020. Back in July of 2018 Shmurda spoke to This is 50 via phone interview and stated that his release would be within the 2020 calendar year. His mother then confirmed as such making mention that the 2020 holiday season is one she’s very much so looking forward to. 

On August 5th 2019, Posted to Bobby’s personal Instagram account is another mention of his release where he writes, “15 MONTHS AND COUNTING DOWN” marking November as the potential month he comes home. Shmurda is set to have a parole hearing in August 2020 with December 11th, 2020 being his conditional scheduled date of release. 

It has been just over four years since Bobby Shmurda’s track “Hot N*gga” took the internet by storm and earned him a deal with Epic Records. Since his 2014 arrests that ultimately landed him the 5 years prison sentence (Originally 7 with a maximum of 25) Bobby’s legend has been kept alive through fans and fellow artists alike. With the terms “Free Bobby” and “Free Shmurda” still being heard all throughout the hip-hop community it would seem that meme culture has kept his hat afloat over all these years. 

Knowing the hip-hop community and the power of the internet it is a no brainer that Bobby will be welcomed back like a king, his lore losing no momentum throughout his prison sentence. In a time where hip-hop and social media hold so much power it would seem only right that one of rap’s original meme legends gets the welcome home he deserves.

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