ECO is Your Next Favorite Artist

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October 2, 2019
eco is your next favorite artist

In the height of the self made internet fame era for hip-hop artists you sometimes come across an artist’s SoundCloud, Instagram or YouTube channel that makes you say, “This kids about to blow up.” Whether it be their music, their personality, the content they create or a combination of all three, something about that artist leaves you without a doubt that they’re next up. This is exactly what happened when we came across ECO, the South Jersey superstar in the making. 

Dropping his latest track “Rock Out” and other bangers such as “Spotlight”, “Checks” and “Suburb’s Favorite” it’s clear to see that something is brewing over on the East coast. He brings a sound primed to top Billboard’s charts, something clearly shown with the recent explosion of Lil Tecca and Lil Tjay who bring a sound and style similar to what ECO creates. 

With vibey beats, flawless vocals and an undeniable energy, ECO is definitely an artist to keep an eye on into 2020 and beyond. The Dead in LA team recently got an opportunity to speak with ECO and ask him some questions about his origins, his music and the motivation behind his art. 

What got you into hip-hop and creating music?

“I’ve always been into music. I even performed at all of the family events starting when I was 5. I also knew everything there was to know about Michael Jackson. I knew every move and every lyric to every song he ever put out. I was sitting in the room with my parents when the devastating news about him passing broke and being 5 years old I didn’t really understand just how sad of a time it was. I’ve always been really drawn to his dance moves and the songs that they would play to remember him.”

What is your music creation process like? Do you have a system for recording that you follow?

“My creation process is pretty much the same every time. I’ve stopped writing songs because I felt as though I was forced to say only what I wrote down and then do it only in the flow that I wrote. I feel as though music should flow out of you naturally, so now I just go through beats that I’ve been sent and I get a feeling when it’s the right beat. Which ever one gives me that feeling is the one that I’ll get in the booth and freestyle line for line on. Most of the time I do all of this in my bedroom on my laptop, and I record and engineer the songs myself on FL Studio.” 

Do you have any upcoming projects in the works?

“As of right now I’m just working on making great songs. I have over 400 unreleased, but only about 10 of those are truly great. I don’t have time to be putting out average music so that’s what I’m really working on. I’m also focused more on the business side of things right now. I’m trying to build connections with people that can help me reach my goals because I don’t know anybody in the industry. Myself and my friend Kyle, one of my producers, are trying to figure this out on our own.”

Besides Michael Jackson do you have any other inspirations? 

“I listened to a wide range of music when I was younger and still do now. Growing up my mom would listen to pop music in the car and my dad would listen to rap. When I found out what YouTube was it broadened the range of music I was listening to. Some of my favorite artists aren’t even rappers and when I tell people who they are they can hear them in my voice when I create my music. Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Mindless Behavior, Austin Mahone, Kalin and Myles, New Edition and the Migos to name a few. I also listen to a lot of Summrsxo, Twinuzis, NBA YoungBoy, YungManny and PnB Rock.”

What’s something you want readers and fans to know about you?

“My goal with music is to just do what I love and be successful in doing it while inspiring others to chase their dreams. I want to give them the confidence to chase what they want to do while I’m chasing what I want to do.”

If you want to be able to say “I knew about him before everybody else” be sure to follow ECO on Instagram and check out his latest track “Rock Out” streaming on all platforms. It’s rare you come across such a slept on artist with a talent level like his, make sure you remember the name.

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