Kid Cudi Says A ‘Kids See Ghosts’ Sequel Is On It’s Way

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September 9, 2019
kid cudi kanye west kids see ghosts 2

Kid Cudi and Kanye West might be coming together again to work on a sequel to their 2018 collaborative project Kids See Ghosts. Speaking to Complex in an interview earlier today Cudi mentioned that KSG 2 is ”Definitely” going to be releasing in the future. “Kanye already told me he wants to start working on the second one.” 

A little over a year ago Kids See Ghosts debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 alongside a merch collection in collaboration with Cactus Plant Flea Market designer Cynthia Lu. The album and clothing pieces together were well received by fans which resulted in an 84/100 album rating from a combination of 18 critical reviews and select pieces reselling for upwards of $1000 on Stock X. 

Speaking on the evolution of his music and what we might expect with a Kids See Ghosts 2 Cudi mentioned, “I’m trying my hardest to still introduce new sounds and push the envelope, sonically.” He continued, “So it’s still gonna be like everything that people love about Kid Cudi music. The only difference is that it’s gonna be told from a different perspective.”

A different perspective is what Kid Cudi and Kanye fans alike live for. Both artists have been pushing that sonic envelope Cudi mentioned with each new project they release. 

Will we be seeing a Kids See Ghosts 2? Cudi seems to think so, it’s just a matter of when Ye wants to get in the studio. If a sequel is set to release we would love to see some more Cactus Plant merch collabs or another fashion designer that fits the Kanye-Cudi aesthetic. 

Keep your eyes peeled for more information regarding the sequel and in the meantime listen to Kids See Ghosts streaming on all platforms.

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