Lil Gnar’s “Fire Hazard” Album Review

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September 29, 2019
lil gnar fire hazard

Last week Atlanta’s own Lil Gnar released his sophomore album Fire Hazard, the long awaited project that has been teased since early 2019. Over the past week the Dead in LA team has listened to Fire Hazard on repeat allowing ourselves enough listens through to provide an in depth look at the album. You’re not going to find any grades or numbers given to the project in this article because ultimately it is up to you to form an opinion after listening to each track, but instead you’ll find some discussion of each song and which of them we think are the most fire.

Rockstar Flow

Off the jump Gnar comes in with some heat via “Rockstar Flow” the track he’d been sharing snippets of throughout the weeks leading up to the album release. Flexing the life he’s created for himself through fashion, music and internet fame Lil Gnar provides fans with an anthem to get hype to. This song makes my personal top 3 out of the entirety of Fire Hazard and makes for the perfect track to open up the album. Gnar really is the epitome of a 2019 rock star, a label he wears proudly and what makes his persona so entertaining to follow. “Bitch it’s Big Guap it ain’t Lil Gnar” 

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Octane Sex

One of the first singles released from Fire Hazard and bringing with it a fire visual is the second track off the project “Octane Sex”. A continuation of the rockstar lifestyle flex, Gnar comes in hard over a dope beat talking about burning octane as he floors a Rolls Royce, the main scene shown in the “Octane Sex” music video. This song and video combination shows off what Lil Gnar is all about and the persona he has created for himself over the past few years. A great follow up to “Rockstar Flow” and a track to be kept on repeat no doubt.

Ride Wit Da Fye Pt. 2 (Ft. YBN Nahmir)

Following up the first “Ride Wit Day Fye” that featured Germ on Gnar’s last project Gnar Lif3, he brings YBN Nahmir in on part 2. Gnar and Nahmir both body their verses and prove to be a duo capable of slaying any instrumental thrown their way. “She just wanna fuck in the back of the Bentley, When I wake up in the morning, MAC or the .50?” 

Cobain (Ft. Thouxanbanfauni)

“Cobain” brings a clear sound switch up from the first three tracks on Fire Hazard. Lil Gnar delivers a fire opening chorus and first verse with Fauni going off as he comes in on the track. Another continuation of the rockstar lifestyle flex, “I’m a rockstar like Cobain” Gnar tells of pissing his accountant off from the cars, rings and other purchases he’s been making. This is one of my favorite tracks on the album, Fauni was the perfect feature for this song’s vibe as he brings a faster cadence than that of Lil Gnar which compliments him well.

Eastside (Ft. Lil Yachty)

“Eastside” is dope because it shows the versatility of Lil Gnar and proves that he’s able to create really any sound. It is one of my least favorite tracks on Fire Hazard but the fact that Gnar’s able to create this kind of sound and go perfectly with the likes of Lil Yachty is extremely impressive. The same artist who has made heavy metal bangers like “Man Down”, “SiCK IN THE HEAD” and “On Sight” being able to vibe over a bubbling beat like that on “Eastside” makes it clear that Gnar will only continue to evolve and make different/ better music.

Death Note (Ft. Lil Skies & Craig Xen)

“Death Note” is the main single from the album and one that received a Cole Bennett directed Lyrical Lemonade music video. Featuring one of hip-hop’s biggest stars Lil Skies and underground legend Craig Xen “Death Note” delivers in all aspects and shows the level of stardom that Gnar is destined for. Each featured artist brings the heat, Skies providing a catchy chorus and Craig a great verse, but Lil Gnar really bodies them both and there’s no question about it. This song is one of the best on the album and the visuals Cole Bennett created for it provides the final exclamation point for one of summer 2019’s best tracks.

On Sight

Heavy hitting screaming Lil Gnar is my favorite Lil Gnar. “On Sight” is exactly that with a banger of a beat, Gnar screaming the chorus and then going on to deliver his hardest verse on Fire Hazard. The speed and delivery of his verse is ridiculous, this song live is going to get some kids hurt in the pits. I wish there was another song like this on the album, but the ferocity in “On Sight” makes up for it. “Getaway car ‘Rari, with some brand new Forgiatos (Skrrt) Lil’ Gnar crash the party ’cause I walked in with that fuckin’ fire on me, uh”

Background (Ft. UnoTheActivist & Germ)

In “Background” Gnar buries all the people from his past who doubted him throughout his journey and rise to stardom. “They was doubtin’ on me, I had to go ball out.. From the bottom, I can’t never fall off..Left ’em in the background, they was hatin’ on us” The beat goes hard and all three artists bring their own swagger throughout the track. I was hoping Germ would have a second Fire Hazard feature just him and Gnar like “Ride Wit Da Fye” and “Samurai Shit” but Uno was a good addition to the duo and ultimately created a dope song. 

War Paint (Ft. Robb Bank$ Tyla Yaweh)

I have a feeling Tyla Yaweh is going to be one of hip-hop’s next huge artists and him together with Lil Gnar makes for a super dope track. “War Paint” brings heavy hitting verses from both Gnar and Robb Bank$ with Tyla’s singing mixing in well with Gnar’s background screaming. Definitely one of the best songs on Fire Hazard and a well placed feature in Tyla Yaweh on Gnar’s part. A visual for this song and/or “On Sight” is an absolute must.

Bad Memories (Ft. Lil Tracy)

Lil Gnar and Lil Tracy are two of my favorite artists and them together on a song is everything you’d expect. Emo vibes and flexing on ex-girlfriends is the Tracy signature and Gnar delivers perfectly in unison making this track my favorite on the entire Fire Hazard album. Catchy, emotional and a subtle flex, “Bad Memories” makes for the perfect anthem to get over your last breakup. This track shows just how well Lil Gnar and Lil Tracy vibe together on a song and definitely opens up the door for future collaboration from the two. “I still see you in my nightmares, visions of when you were right here” 

Balmain Biker

“Balmain Biker” is another heavy hitter with deep bass and Gnar going in for almost two and a half minutes straight. It doesn’t go quite as crazy as “On Sight” but a solid banger nonetheless that continues the rockstar flex present throughout the entire project. Gnar’s second verse goes crazy while paying tribute to Fredo. 


“Cabbage” was another single that debuted before the full release of Fire Hazard and one that came complete with some fire visuals. One of the comments on the video says “This song is so fire they named a vegetable after it” and I’d have to agree with that statement haha. “Cabbage” is a good conclusion to a great album and yet another example of Gnar’s versatility and the different sounds he can create. “I go to LA just for a day to fuck on a baddie” A soft delivery of the verses over a vibey beat makes for a perfect song to chill and smoke to. 

Listen to Lil Gnar’s Fire Hazard available on all platforms now and follow him on Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date with his latest music, Gnarcotic drops and the military grade tank he recently purchased for the album. Legend.

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