Remembering Lil Peep’s “Hellboy” Three Years Later

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September 25, 2019
Lil peep hellboy 3 years later

3 years ago today Lil Peep released his fourth and what would end up being final mixtape Hellboy. Featuring Lil Tracy, Xavier Wulf, Horsehead and KirbLaGoop Hellboy brought with it a dark and overwhelming sound that only Lil Peep has ever been able to create and master. 

Starting the project off with the Smokeasac and Cortex produced “hellboy” we are introduced to the dark motif present throughout the tape with a voice over from Hellboy Animated: Blood and Iron before having deep baselines and Peep’s rugged vocals wash over us. 

“I swear it gets so lonely sometimes.. Please just hold me one time, f*ck these hoes and f*ck life” 

Following the “hellboy” opening track Peep leads us into “drive by” with Xavier Wulf. Harsh revving of an engine coupled with even deeper baselines create a listening experience that takes ahold of you and chills you to the bone. This is one of the first Lil Peep tracks I was exposed to back in early 2017 and it was truly unlike anything I had ever come across.

The entirety of the Hellboy project speaks to each listener in a different way. Lil Peep instrumentals and lyrics have a way of relating to people down to their soul, each individual experiencing his vibe in a different way. I’ve found often that it’s a matter of what I’m going through in the moment of listening that deciphers which Peep songs hit home the most. 

At the time when I was first discovering Lil Peep and the Hellboy mixtape “the song they played [when i crashed into the wall]” with Lil Tracy, “f*cked up”, “girls” with Horsehead and “walk away as the door slams” with Lil Tracy each gave me chills during my first listen. Maybe because of the recent breakup, maybe because of the crippling depression at the time, but ultimately the mystique of Peep together with the vocal magic of Tracy grabbed ahold of me in a way no other artist has been able to since.

I listen to this project often, but looking back on it on the day it was released is a little weird. How long ago just three years feel, so much has happened in the short time since Hellboy’s release. It makes me sad to think about it, but there’s really not much else to say besides RIP Peep. Your legacy is carried on through all the people you touched with your presence and music, a vibe that can never be killed. 

You can stream Hellboy along with the rest of Peep’s mainstream discography on all streaming platforms, but if you want the most extensive Lil Peep listening experience head over to this 1000+ song SoundCloud playlist here.

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