Lil Tracy “Anarchy” Album Review

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September 26, 2019
lil tracy anarchy album review

We’ve had Lil Tracy’s latest album Anarchy on repeat for the last week, easily listening through the entire project at least 25 times. The Dead in LA team consists of pretty much all Tracy fans, so we might be partial to him and his music, but we wanted to go through the album and give our likes, dislikes and ultimately a review of the entire project. 

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Anarchy is not going to be receiving any kind of number or letter grade, it doesn’t even make sense to review albums in that fashion because each person experiences music in a different way. Instead we’ll go over each track in the order it appears on the album and briefly discuss it, leaving you to enjoy the project for yourself and allow you the opportunity to form your own opinions without any preexisting grading scale applied to it. 

Alone In My Castle 

Tracy opens Anarchy with a soft string instrumental and chill vocals, setting a vibe for the album and introducing us to his next evolution of the emo Tracy sound. “Can’t trust a soul these days, they love to lie to your face, I have less friends than switchblades.” This song took a few listens before it grew on me, but once I caught some of the lyrics and listened a bit deeper the track revealed itself to be the perfect opening to Anarchy. 

Bad For You

The first single released and video released for the album, “Bad For You” is an absolute hit. The beat, lyrics, catchy hook and insane visuals this track brings clearly show the magic Tracy possesses within him to create beautiful music. It’s crazy the ability Tracy has to make a sad song, but give it an upbeat twist that works so effortlessly. “Tattoos all on my face, my hands all on her waist” 


I first heard a leaked snippet of this song months ago and even then, through scratched speakers and only 19 seconds, this song has been one of my favorite songs ever released. The full version released on the album honestly gave me chills the first time I listened to it. This beat embodies the Anarchy vibe and Lil Tracy delivers lyrics throughout that are sad, inspiring, catchy and powerful. In my opinion, among a few others from the album, “Shame” is going to be the timeless song that will forever be able to be played on repeat. “I wanna sell my soul but I really don’t have one..”

Rich Dropout 

Tracy comes out flexing hard on “Rich Dropout” showing ex girlfriends and anyone that ever doubted him the level of artist he’s become. This track is faster paced and more upbeat that the first three, but still delivers on the emo Tracy sound. I knew every word to this song after maybe four listens, definitely proving to be extremely catchy and a track the entire crowd will sing along to when Lil Tracy performs it live. “Jump inside the coupe I’m goin’ fast fast fast, blue strip hunnids I got racks racks racks” 


This track is my least favorite on Anarchy but it’s still a song I enjoy, it’s just surrounded by so many great songs that I think it gets lost in the tracklist a bit. Another upbeat string instrumental and Tracy continuing his flex from “Rich Dropout” he talks about his new life that having money has brought him, both the ups and downs associated. “Money doesn’t make you happy I thought that was a lie, till I got big bucks and my friends switched up”

Tight Rope

Continuing with the emo flex Tracy brings “Tight Rope” a song that continues on from “Rich Dropout” and “Halo” talking about the finer things Lil Tracy now gets to enjoy every day. Stretching his legs out in first class and ubering girls from their boyfriends crib to his is the Tracy vibe that every fan has come to know and love. This beat is dope and Tracy’s lyrics throughout hit hard, especially when he’s talking to one of his ex girlfriends. “I can’t believe I really thought you was the one, I think that you just might be crazy, Yeah you going crazy, going crazy, for love” 

Beautiful Nightmare

Tracy’s versatility and his ability to make really any genre of music is something that’s crazy to experience. Following up his country rap song “Like a Farmer” a track that very well might have been ripped off by that doofus meme artist, “Beautiful Nightmare” is a pop punk rap song that was executed perfectly. A heavy guitar strum, fast moving verses and echoing background vocals come together with Tracy’s auto tune to create a whole new genre. This song is dope and could pave the way for some artists to become Tracy’s sons if they wanted to pursue the punk rap sound, just know who did it first.  


Tracy concludes Anarchy with the most emotional song on the album, a dark beat and depressing lyrics come together to finish off with a bang. Lil Tracy talks about losing his best friend, seeing ghosts in his room and wanting to live fast, but die slow. This song concludes Anarchy well because it reveals the emotions Tracy has been feeling over the last year and throughout the recording of the album. I’m partial to really sad Tracy songs, they’re the ones that really speak to me so I love everything about this song. “I can’t wait ’til I’m a memory Because they love you more, when you’re not here anymore”

Overall Lil Tracy delivered a fantastic album in Anarchy, bringing the emo Tracy sound to an elevated level showing his fans the super star he’s soon to become. You can find the album on all streaming platforms and be sure to follow Lil Tracy on Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date with his latest posts and music.

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