Is Lil Uzi’s “Eternal Atake” Releasing in 2019?

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September 10, 2019
lil uzi eternal atake

Time is slowly running out for Lil Uzi Vert’s high anticipated second studio album “Eternal Atake” to get a 2019 release. Over a year since the initial debut of EA’s cover art and Uzi’s cryptic tweets explaining the meaning behind the name, it seems as if the project should be dropping any day now. 

Unfortunately it is not that simple. We’ve seen a frustrating year for Lil Uzi in terms of his label relationship and contractual obligations. Interestingly though, through Instagram, the CEO of Generation Now DJ Drama publicly gave Uzi his blessing to release the album. 

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Drama don’t ply with our emotions like this

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Despite this comment made by Drama Uzi soon proceeded to sign a management deal under Jay-Z’s wing with Roc Nation. He also went on to post to his Instagram story, “We see through all your gimmicks. Free Uzi”

Some fans in Uzi’s comments and across social platforms have speculated that this has been a long running publicity stunt crafted by Uzi and his team in an effort to get Eternal Atake memed into the minds of fans across the world. These conspiracy theorists think that the beef with his label, Uzi’s lack of knowledge as to when the project comes out and other tactics are a way of growing the hype for the album to astronomical levels. They believe the project has had a set release date, but a well thought out marketing campaign has to be completed beforehand. 

As we’ve been waiting in anticipation for the album Uzi has blessed us with the release of three singles from the project, two of which have been leaked prior to Uzi’s formal release.

Coming in the form of New Patek, That’s a Rack and Sanguine Paradise we’ve gotten a glimpse into the sound that Uzi is bringing with Eternal Atake. Along with these songs Lil Uzi released the video for Sanguine Paradise in which he took the form of a vampire slayer throughout a cinematic masterpiece co-directed by himself. 

Throughout this time Uzi has kept Eternal Atake in the bio of his Instagram as well as having it posted as his Twitter header and top pinned tweet. With all of this taken into account some of the fan theories about all of this controversy and lack of the album releasing being a stunt do hold a bit of merit. 

Last week Uzi posted to his Instagram a cryptic video showing clips from an upcoming music video featuring Young Thug. It would make a lot of sense that this video was the visual to accompany Thug’s track “What’s The Move” featuring Lil Uzi, but we can also speculate it maybe being a new single debuting off of Eternal Atake.

Although we haven’t heard much news on EA Uzi has continued to post his signature fit pics and keep his fans up to date with the events going on his life. He is also appearing live in concert for multiple events in the coming months.

Is Eternal Atake going to be releasing in 2019? With September almost halfway over Lil Uzi Vert is slowly approaching the end of the year, although it wouldn’t seem that had any significance because Luv is Rage 2 released over two years ago on August 25th. There doesn’t seem to be any significant date or milestone Uzi and his team are set on, so really it is looking like we’ll just have to wait a bit longer. 

In the meantime while you wait for the Eternal Atake release follow Lil Uzi on social media and stream Luv is Rage 2 or any other past Uzi projects to get you through the anticipation.

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