Does This Mean Lil Uzi is Dropping ‘Eternal Atake’?

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January 25, 2020
lil uzi orange hair eternal atake

Earlier today Lil Uzi Vert archived the entirety of his Instagram feed leaving only one photo remaining. The picture shows him in a blue suit complete with a Prada hat, tie and crossbody bag while flexing his usual assortment of ice. The photo, originally posted on October 21st comes with no caption, but if you look at the location of the photo he has written the word ‘sad’. Uzi is known for these kind of cryptic posts where he reveals information about upcoming music releases and many of his fans on Reddit seem to be convinced they have cracked the code. 

In a previous Tweet from early 2018 Lil Uzi stated that when he gets sad, fans should expect that something is coming. With this tweet and his most recent unarchiving of a picture only stating his location as sad, should we as fans take this as Uzi’s way of telling us to expect something coming? 

It would seem that this tweet is too far in the past to be taken into consideration and critics of this theory have made it known that he’s claimed to be sad for 2 years with this theory coming up time and time again. But don’t be so quick to throw it out the window, it does seem that we are in different circumstances in terms of Lil Uzi and Eternal Atake

Over the past week Uzi has taken to Twitter and shared that he has been spending considerable amounts of time in the studio, working so hard that he has even neglected to change outfits.

After Tyler, the Creator criticized Uzi’s unreleased project for the beats not being good enough it seems that he has entered album mode once again to better the final product. 

Along with his cryptic Instagram post, Uzi has also changed his profile picture to a solid orange color, mirroring the new color of his hair. He has also taken to Twitter explaining his use of the color orange and how it brings an optimistic and uplifting psychology with his post captioned “FINAL PHASE”. 

On top of that, over the last few weeks we have also received both new music and a video in the form of “Futsal Shuffle”. It would make a lot of sense for this track was to be the first single off of EA, the viral sensation the accompanying dance became has created even more hype for Eternal Atake’s release. 

Is Eternal Atake coming soon or even within 2020 for that matter? Clearly, as we are all very aware by now.. We have no idea. Uzi has been on and off teasing the release for years now, but it would seem that the sentiment in the air around its release is different at this point in time. Could this fan theory around the ‘sad’ cryptic post prove to be accurate? It would seem that such a theory has much more legitimacy this time around due to the multiple other clues that have been popping up during this start of the 2020 year. 

Be sure to follow Lil Uzi Vert on Instagram and Twitter and stream his latest single release “Futsal Shuffle” available on all major streaming platforms. You can also check out the accompanying video here and be sure to try his futsal shuffle challenge that has taken social media by storm.

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