The Best of Lil Uzi’s Fit Pics

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August 30, 2019
uzi fit pics

It’s no secret that Lil Uzi Vert is one of the best dressed rappers in the industry. Uzi has created a new wave of expressing one’s unique style and has cleared the path for others to follow suit. Through posting ‘fit pics’ to Instagram where everything from his shoes, jackets, watches, and even his cars are coordinated, Lil Uzi has started a new style of fashion flex. 

We have seen an onslaught of fashion influencers and those interested in expressing their style post similar carousel style Instagram posts showing off their latest pieced together outfits. 

Today we want to break down the top Lil Uzi Vert fit pics and show off his iconic drip that has taken social media by storm.

Dripping orange with the Louis Chanel flex. Dior sunglasses, Louis Vuitton pullover, Richard Mille watch, Dries Van Noten bag and the Chanel belt & shoe combo pull this fit together for a vibrant flex really only Uzi could pull off.

An iced out box logo to top off the rest throughout this fit is only right. Air Force 1 “West Indies” paired with Supreme camo pants and an orange Cactus Plant Flea Market hat really bring out the orange accent in the Urus behind him 😂 

Chrome Hearts through and through. The red jumpsuit looks pretty dope paired with the R4 Neymar Shox.

The Margiela bag and shoes go well with the Vetements jean jacket. Vibrant colors throughout his tops go well together while providing a nice contrast against the black Dior pants. 

Everything Louis down to the floor. The Virgil designed white trunk bag is a personal favorite of mine, a piece that goes well with so many different outfits. 

After this post was made the Hysteric Glamour Denim Uzi’s wearing seemingly disappeared from the internet. The red puffball jacket and Chanel bag look pretty sick together with the denim.

Big chains, Young Thug’s Spider Worldwide and a matching Bugatti. It doesn’t get any more Lil Uzi than this. Why is he standing on the couch? To show off the entire outfit of course.

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