Lil Wayne Cancels His Third Show in Under a Month

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September 22, 2019
lil wayne show cancelled

For the third time in under a month Lil Wayne cancelled a live appearance that he was set to make. Scheduled to perform during Saturday’s Life is Beautiful festival lineup Weezy abruptly cancelled without any explanation, leaving the festival curators and fans alike to nothing but a disappointing message on the main stage screen. 

Fans had expressed concern for Wayne dating back to the August 27th cancellation of his Portland show leaving Blink-182 to perform alone, whom Lil Wayne had been touring with throughout the summer. Weezy claimed it was due to plane issues, but fans began to hold their breath because of the incident that occurred earlier in the summer where he ended his performance claiming there weren’t enough hip-hop fans in attendance. At that point in time it was up in the air whether or not he would be finishing the tour with Blink-182. 

Wayne did end up finishing the tour missing only one other date when on September 14th he got kicked out of the Saint Louis Ritz-Carlton and police got involved. 

Despite some early troubles and a few missed shows, Lil Wayne seemed to ultimately end up enjoying his time with Travis Barker and the rest of Blink-182 throughout the tour. A huge smile can be seen on his face when they gave him an early birthday present on stage during one of the tour’s final shows.

Wayne has yet to give an explanation for his Life is Beautiful no show causing fans to be concerned for his well being, but as of now nothing has been reported that would give reason to worry. Follow Lil Wayne on Instagram and Twitter to get updated straight from the source and keep an eye out for a potential Weezy album in collaboration with Drake, something he expressed interest in while talking to Vibe in an interview earlier this week.

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