POORSTACY’s “i don’t care” EP Review

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October 8, 2019
poorstacy album review

On September 13th poorstacy, the emerging artist signed to Internet Money, debuted his EP i don’t care. Coming complete with 6 tracks and covering a wide genre range Stacy brought a project that shows his clear superstar potential. His “sad boy” aesthetic combined with powerful emotion throughout every track he releases creates the perfect recipe for a 2020 blow up into the mainstream spotlight. 

We’ve gotten a chance to listen through poorstacy’s i don’t care quite a few times and wanted to deliver a Dead in LA style review of the project. You’re not going to find numbers or any kind of grading system applied to the EP because ultimately it is up to you to listen to the project and create your own opinion on Stacy’s music. The way we like to review is more of an open discussion of the project where we state our likes and dislikes of each track and provide constructive thoughts as opposed to slapping a meaningless grade onto it. Full disclosure, i don’t care might be my favorite project released in 2019, poorstacy and the Internet Money team created something so unique and so well put together that it’s hard to argue that its anything but stellar. Call that a biased review, but quite frankly we don’t give a f*ck, check out the project.. You won’t be disappointed.


Stacy opens the i don’t care EP with a Nick Mira and Trillogy produced beat in which he delivers powerful vocals, telling the story of being unable to move on from a relationship. “Miss you when you’re not around, hate it when you come around ‘Cause you only bring me down” Stacy tells of resorting to drugs to numb the pain of always having this girl on his mind, something he can’t escape. This track is a great opening to the project as it sets the tone for the emotional music that poorstacy so masterfully delivers throughout his entire discography. Nick Mira and Trillogy brought an extremely catchy melody that has become the staple for most Stacy tracks, a sound he and the Internet Money team are pioneering in the industry. Lost is super vibey, tells a good story and opens the EP perfectly. 

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I’ve had Okay in my SoundCloud likes for months even before I ever knew who the poorstacy character was. With a nice string opening and a heavy hitting bass Stacy tells of his struggle to feel like he is good enough for the people around him, especially the girl he has an undying love for who only continuously lies to him. This song is super dope, Nick Mira really can’t produce anything but fire and Stacy has an ability to breath life into anything he hops on. Stacy’s storytelling ability is something so unique, I’m able to resonate with everything he talks about throughout Okay and it creates an emotional connection to the song and his artistry. Another banger for i don’t care and poorstacy. 

Help !

Continuing the theme of heartbreak, loneliness and drug use over a Nick Mira produced string melody Stacy delivers another dope track with one of my favorite verses on the entire project. As he switches up the tone of his voice and the way in which he sings the main verse, Stacy delivers a powerful 8 bars that tell of the pain that he is going through which has been caused by the loss of his ex girlfriend. The vocals delivered behind the lines “What are you so afraid of? I’m so tired of the fake love (Mm-hmm)” sound good as f*ck and makes this one of, if not my favorite track on the entire i don’t care EP. As I said above, Stacy’s storytelling ability and the emotions he transfer to listeners through the telling of stories is powerful and what I think is going to propel him into the mainstream spotlight. 


Hollow delivers the best instrumental throughout the entire EP. The mesmerizing opening melody combined with a hard hitting bass is another Nick Mira and Trillogy produced masterpiece, a common theme throughout i don’t care. Stacy tells of being sick of the heartbreak he constantly feels even though he knows that it’s his own doing which makes him feel that way. The drugs aren’t working and he can’t keep putting on the fake smile for much longer. Stacy’s chorus, verse, chorus layout is a consistent song structure throughout i don’t care and delivers the message he’s trying to tell in an efficient way. Another great story and another banger for poorstacy and Internet Money

I Want Smoke

F*ck yes. A complete switch up from the sad boy theme consistent throughout i don’t care comes I Want Smoke, a screaming hype track that absolutely rips. I grew up on screamo and heavy metal along with my love for rap and tracks like this are my favorite style of music. Stacy’s screams and the speed at which he delivers the longest verse on the entire EP goes too hard, I want to punch someone in the face after I listen to this track. Bringing a mixture of xxxtenacion, Ski Mask, Juice WRLD and Lil Gnar poorstacy bodies I Want Smoke from open to close, making for one of the hardest songs I’ve heard all year. This Stacy style shows his diverse ability and makes it clear that he’s not here to play games. I want an entire album of poorstacy bangers now, something that might be coming our way according to this Taz Taylor tweet; 

Make Up

Stacy closes i don’t care by going back to a catchy Nick Mira produced melody and telling of the pain he’s been caused by the girl he’s been battling throughout the EP. This is probably my favorite chorus of any song on the project and is another showcase of Stacy’s storytelling ability over a chorus, verse, chorus structure. Again telling of the drug abuse that he has resorted to in order to cope with the pain he constantly feels, poorstacy pleads with his girl that he wants to right the wrongs in their relationship. “I want things to get better, I don’t wanna break up I don’t wanna fight, I just wanna make up” A great closing song to a fantastic project. 

Follow poorstacy on Instagram and Twitter to keep updated with his latest posts and music releases and be sure to stream his latest EP i don’t care available now on all streaming platforms. Also, earlier this week Taz Taylor, the founder of Stacy’s signed label Internet Money, tweeted that Stacy and their team of producers are entering into a 10 day album creation which they will be documenting throughout its entirety. Be sure to keep an eye out for that in the coming weeks and months if you’re f*cking with Stacy and the Internet Money movement. 

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