POORSTACY’s EP “i don’t care” is a Masterpiece

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October 7, 2019
poorstacy ep i dont care taz taylor

SoundCloud shuffle can really come in clutch when it puts you onto a new artist you haven’t heard before. Yesterday this was true when it gave me my first listen to poorstacy’s track “Hollow” off of his latest EP i don’t care. As I was Ubering to the airport about to hop on a late night flight to Phoenix I was swiping through an Xxxtentacion SoundCloud station and that’s when the opening melody to “Hollow” started to play. From the time that instrumental began I have yet to listen to another artist’s music, some 30 hours later. I think I just found my new favorite artist and most likely yours too. 

It’s funny because the Dead in LA team f*cks with Internet Money, Taz Taylor’s record label that poorstacy is signed to, super heavy and I’ve also had his song “Okay” in my SoundCloud likes for months. I don’t know why I haven’t looked into Stacy’s discography any deeper, but holy sh*t.. This dudes about to be the next evolution of mainstream music. 

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I don’t care. *September 13th*

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After listening through all of i don’t care at least 25 times and searching Apple Music, SoundCloud and YouTube to find tracks that aren’t posted to his personal pages (Only his latest project i don’t care is up) I realized the superstar potential that Stacy has. It’s hard to put his music into a category (I’m sure that’s the last thing he wants anyways) but to me his music sounds like the perfect mixture of alternative rock, hip-hop, emo and trap. Every song he puts out is a complete new sound with a different vibe pouring out as the intensity and emotion in his voice washes over you.

He tells a different story in every track about past girlfriends, flexing on those past girlfriends, drugs, depression, getting to the money, his growing fame, the list goes on. Every song is a new auditory experience that makes you feel a different way, myself personally relating to each track with a different emotion, whichever emotion he so effortlessly puts into his vocals. “So Well Goodbye”, “Toxic Waste”, “Corpse Bride” and “Safety” are some of my favorites outside of the i don’t care EP and if I’m being honest the entirety of i don’t care is masterfully put together, there’s not one song I don’t like. 

I grew up on screamo and heavy metal as well as rap, so “I Want Smoke” just hits different.. This video of him recording whats looks to be another metal style track has me super hyped.

With the team of Internet Money producers behind him names like Nick Mira, Trillogy Taz Taylor and many more it’s going to be dope to see the level Stacy’s music and social media persona reach. We’re definitely going to be posting a full Dead in LA style review of the i don’t care EP in the next few days and I’m really looking forward to the 10 day poorstacy album project that Taz Taylor announced on Twitter earlier today. 

We’re going to try and get an audience with Stacy and the Internet Money team to hear more about the upcoming project and the making of documentary that’s going to be accompanying it, so keep on the lookout for that, but in the meantime follow poorstacy on Instagram and Twitter to get updates straight from the source and be sure to check out his latest project i don’t care available now on all streaming platforms.

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