Sean Wotherspoon Unveils a New Sneaker Collab With Louis Vuitton

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September 18, 2019
Sean Wotherspoon Louis Vuitton Sneaker

Today via Instagram Sean Wotherspoon gave us a sneak peak at his upcoming sneaker collaboration with Louis Vuitton. The Round Two founder and notorious sneakerhead showed a little bit of the process behind designing a shoe at the Louis Vuitton factory in Italy as well as the potential colors, materials and final concept they have in mind for his shoe. 

This Wotherspoon collab looks to be a multicolored rendition of a trainer silhouette and is going to feature a multitude of different colorways in which the many different colors featured will be switched around in different ways. 

As a proud vegan and sustainability activist Sean also mentioned that he put much effort into that aspect of the shoe, pushing for the materials used and process of producing this shoe to coincide with his ethos.

The last Sean Wotherspoon sneaker collab came in the form of a Nike Air Max and was dutifully named the Air Max 1/97 Sean Wotherspoon. It appears Sean likes the vibrantly colored sneakers because the Nike collab is just as colorful as the upcoming Louis Vuitton trainer. 

With the Air Max 1/97 Sean Wotherspoon going for upwards of $1500 on Stock X and other reselling platforms we can only imagine the Louis Vuitton sneaker coming with a hefty retail price and subsequently an even higher resale price. The release date on this upcoming sneaker is yet to be announced, but by the look of things through Sean’s post it would appear that they are deep in the design phase and well on their way to bulk production. 

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