Snickers, Diamond Chains, and the NFL?

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September 4, 2019
snickers ben baller chain nfl

How does candy, a big diamond chain, and the NFL all fall into the same sentence? Well it makes a lot of sense after the notorious jeweler Ben Baller posted about the latest piece he crafted up.ย 

In collaboration with Snickers and the NFL, Baller was tasked with creating a piece that will be passed to a new player every week who displays โ€œa hunger for moreโ€.ย Iced out in blue and red while dangling from a gold chain, the piece displays the exquisite craftsmanship that Ben brings to every chain he creates.ย 

It appears that the Snickers marketing team is capitalizing on the craze behind the University of Miamiโ€™s turnover chain that went viral last season.ย 

Is the Snickers โ€œhungry for moreโ€ chain going to be the new most coveted bling across the league? Let us know what you think in the comments below and check out the piece on Ben Ballerโ€™s Instagram and the Snickers Twitter account;

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