Streetwear Hoodies for Men: 9 of the Coolest Hoodies You Can Buy

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July 27, 2019
streetwear hoodies

Whenever I’m searching for streetwear hoodies to pick up I always find myself searching things like coolest hoodies, best hoodies, amazing hoodies, coolest streetwear hoodies, the list goes on. Never have I come across an article that lists actually cool streetwear hoodies, every article just lists the same “best hoodies” from Nike, Under Armour, Champion, etc. There is a whole world of mainstream and underground brands that make amazing hoodies which never see the light of day in an article because usually the person writing the article is just some goofball trying to get search traffic. 

Today that changes because I’ve hand picked 10 of the coolest streetwear hoodies on the market, all of which come from brands that are equally as cool. You’re going to see that I clearly have a specific taste and aesthetic of clothing, but if you’re reading this then that means you either f*#k with my brand Dead in LA (which is completely my aesthetic) or you have a similar taste in clothing. These are, in my opinion, some of the best hoodies you can pick up right now. These pieces all actually fall under the “streetwear hoodies” category, unlike a lot of other articles that literally show you Hanes and Carhartt. 

The 9 Coolest Streetwear Hoodies for Men 2019

9. Heron Preston ‘Handle With Care’ Hoodie

streetwear hoodies

First on the list is the Heron Preston Handle With Care Hoodie. Featuring a black cotton design with a unique orange belt accessory and signature orange accents, the Handle With Care Hoodie would be a great addition to any collection. Heron Preston as an artist and brand always bring high quality design with extremely cool components to their pieces. The orange belt accessory on this hoodie isn’t something you’re going to find on most streetwear hoodies and the white embroidery and other orange elements really tie this piece together. 

Heron hoodies have a great fit to them, hugging the chest and shoulders and lying a bit more loose around the stomach as well as the cuffs. Their material is a little heavy, so this hoodie would do great for the fall and winter seasons. This piece was listed for retail at €390 or around $430, but you can find it on sites like Grailed in brand new or like new condition for around the $250 price point. 

8. Revenge ‘White Outline Kill’ Hoodie

streetwear hoodies are cool

Number 8 on the list for coolest streetwear hoodies is the Revenge White Outline Kill Hoodie. Created in collaboration with XXXTentcacion, this hoodie boasts a bold white on black design with X’s “kill hand” graphic blasted huge on the back. The old english text on the sleeve saying, “Revenge is in the creator’s hands” really ties this entire piece together. The design of this hoodie is extremely aesthetic and each component; front, sleeve, and back each plays off one another nicely. This streetwear hoodie added to a black jeans fit would be the perfect way to add some contrast to a dark style. 

Revenge hoodies are some of the most comfortable you can purchase, the material is lightweight and they fit nicely to whatever body type is wearing it. The distressed waistline and lack of drawstrings gives this hoodie a grungy look to it that really works with these specific white graphics. You can pick this hoodie up resale on a multitude of different websites for around $400, but do to it’s relations to X you shouldn’t be surprised to see it being as high as $1000.

7. Drop Dead ‘Agony’ Hoodie

streetwear hoodies coolest hoodies

At number 7 on the list is the Drop Dead Agony Hoodie. This streetwear hoodie brings a  black drop shoulder cotton fleece build with printed patchwork, type, and anime graphics. The large red anime graphic on the back is super eye catching and the major feature of this piece. Coupled with the other red graphics on front, as well as the white type, this hoodie would go great with any dark tone outfit that also has hints of white. 

Drop Dead hoodies have a similar build to those of Revenge, so this piece can be worn at all times of the year. The Agony hoodie also has some distressed features, but in different locations than that of Revenge. With a retail price tag of only $101, this is one of the coolest hoodies you can get without spending upwards of $400. Drop Dead is one of the best streetwear brands on the market in my opinion because of the quality of design they release and the price point they sell at. 

6. Mastermind x Anti Social Social Club Black Hoodie

coolest streetwear hoodies

Number 6 on the list is the Mastermind collaboration with Anti Social Social Club. This streetwear hoodie, literally called “black hoodie” is a super simplistic design that brings together both brand’s unique design styles. The Mastermind signature skull and crossbones front and sleeve graphics are a really cool take on the signature Anti Social Social Club back branded hoodie. The graphics are printed in 3m Reflective and look super dope when seen up close. This piece is a great addition to virtually any wardrobe because the black and reflective colors mix in well with almost any outfit. 

This hoodie is the exact build of any other Anti Social Social Club hoodie so the 100% cotton, mid to heavy GSM hoodie build is something to expect. Retailed originally for $88.69 on the Anti Social Social Club website, this piece can be found elsewhere for anywhere between $200 and $300. I personally find Mastermind to be the cooler brand in the collaboration, but their style added to the ASSC signature branding is a cool take on an otherwise played out design. 

5. Supreme ‘AKIRA Arm’ Hoodie

streetwear hoodies

Coming in at number 5 on the list of coolest streetwear hoodies is the Supreme AKIRA Arm Hoodie. Released in Supreme’s FW 17 collection this piece is extremely simple, but also quite loud in its design. The white and black graphic on the font showcases a snippet from the Japanese dystopian manga and film Akira. In a Supreme box logo t-shirt the character is seen having his arm blown off with blood splattering all throughout the frame. Coupled with red embroidered Japanese lettering on the hood, this piece has a very nice design that would draw the eyes of many. 

Supreme’s cotton hoodies are nice and heavy, perfect for the fall and winter seasons, but sometimes prove to be a little much in the warmer months. The original release of this hoodie had it retailed at $178, but because of the 15 second sell out time on the Supreme website, you shouldn’t be surprised to find this hoodie for $450 and up. 

4. Off-White ‘Carravagio’ Hoodie

coolest streetwear hoodies

Number 4 on the list is the Off-White Caravaggio Hoodie. First things first, there are actually many different styles that this hoodie comes in. Different color ways, graphics, orientation of graphics, etc are all unique design components that Virgil Abloh mixed up when creating these pieces. Although each style is unique, the overall baroque theme is consistent throughout the pieces. My personal favorite hoodie in this collection is the Saint Jerome rendition, the colors and imagery of that hoodie are intense and really pop when looking at it. 

Off-White hoodies are always extremely high quality with a lightweight material blend that can be worn year round. These streetwear hoodies drape from the shoulders and brush against your body for a loose, but comfortable fit. The sleeves extend down past your hand, but you can bunch them up at the wrist for a better look. You can find these amazing hoodies on a number of outlets for around $450 to $600 depending on the style. They also come in the form of t-shirts, so definitely check those out as well. 

3. Siberia Hills ‘Dark Queen’ Hoodie

streetwear hoodies that are cool

Coming in at the number 3 spot for coolest hoodies is the Siberia Hills Dark Queen Hoodie. I love this hoodie because of the extremely bold and uniquely placed graphic. The bright red print on the jet black material is striking and the old english font mixed with the provocative anime girl work really well together. The placement of the girl on the left of the body and covering the entire torso is something I haven’t seen done in a graphic. This piece is an absolute instant cop for anybody who is looking to wear a piece that speaks for itself. 

Siberia Hills makes a great heavy feeling hoodie that fits comfortably and welcomes cozy vibes. The sleeves fit the current trend of being a bit longer and they look dope when bunched up at the wrists and giving the oversized look. This streetwear hoodie retailed on the Siberia Hills website for $285 and you’ll be able to find it across the internet for either the same or upwards of $400 depending on where you look.

2. 7 Moncler ‘Fragment’ Hoodie

streetwear hoodies amazing hoodies

Number 2 on the list for best streetwear hoodies is the 7 Moncler Fragment Hoodie. The hoodie is part of the collaboration project with Hiroshi Fujiwara, a fantastic collection that utilizes the gloss black aesthetic throughout. The way the gloss black tape interacts with the white text on this piece is a feature prominent in other pieces featured in this collection. Coupled with that front graphic, the exterior tag and sleeve graphic tie this entire design together quite nicely. The tones this hoodie showcases can go with any outfit choice and the Moncler branding would be a nice addition to your fit. 

Moncler is a brand known for their exceptional quality outerwear, streetwear hoodies are no exception. In my opinion, Moncler is the industry standard for the build quality of their hoodies. The way these pieces fit and the way they feel when you move throughout them is noticeably different when you put it on compared to other hoodies. This hoodie is good for summer nights as well as the fall and winter months, another great all year round piece. Retailing at the high end of the spectrum with a price tag of $785 this piece is a real luxury edition to your wardrobe. 

1. Revenge ‘Until The Light Takes Us’ Hoodie

coolest streetwear hoodies amazing hoodies

Coming in at the number one spot for the coolest streetwear hoodie is the Revenge Until The Light Takes Us Hoodie. This hoodie shows a grungy caravaggio-esque graphic on the front that has the torn effects of an old photograph. The bold outline print on the arm is a great simplistic feature to a piece that speaks volumes through its artwork. Something about the vibe this shirt gives off I really like and definitely think this is a must pick up piece. 

As I stated before, the Revenge streetwear hoodies are very high quality and both look cool and fit extremely comfortable. The distressed features at the bottom of the hoodie are also a nice touch to this piece, going well with the distressed features of the front graphic. You can find this hoodie on various resale websites for anywhere between $250 and $450 depending on where you look. 

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