Streetwear T-Shirt Brands: Best T-Shirts For Men

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July 21, 2019
streetwear t shirt brand

Finding the best streetwear t-shirt brands can prove to be a challenging task. Now equipped with the power of the internet, just about anyone with a vision who is willing to put in some hard work can create a successful brand. With such a saturated market to choose from you can easily get caught up in poor quality, bad customer service, or worse, not getting your product shipped to you at all. I have developed an obsession over finding the absolute best shirts for 2019 and after much digging, I have decided on the top 9 men’s t-shirt brands of this year. Although, they might not be the brands you would expect. 

The 9 Best Streetwear T-Shirt Brands

9. Superrradical

Coming in at the #9 spot for best t-shirt brand is Superrradical, Founded and designed by Tyler Grosso, a protege of the A$AP Mob and more specifically A$AP Yams. 

Founded in 2015, Superrradical boasts a unique graphic design aesthetic with simple images and a strong message behind them. Grosso releases collections on a consistent, but random basis and has collaborated with names such as Fat Nick and Lil Peep, along with other popular t-shirt brands like Chinatown Market, Gnarcotic, and most recently Brooklyn Projects

Printed on quality wholesale t-shirts that fit and wash well, Superrradical products would be a great pick up. With a price tag of $25 per t-shirt you can’t go wrong. 

8. 1340 Collective

Coming in at the #8 spot for best t-shirt brand is 1340 Collective, founded and designed by Justin Escalona. Equipped with a camera, an endless list of influencer friends, the USC Film School, and a content creation grind unmatched by anyone, Escalona has been able to build arguably one of the coolest brands on the market. 

Releasing in rounds 1340 puts out pieces that are inspired by culture, Los Angeles, holidays, and most prominently the internet. Coming to market most often in a black color way, 1340 has an interesting take on the streetwear craze so prevalent today. Their most recent Round 33 drop boasts a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 graphic, something very important in the origins of Justin Escalona. 

Printed on extremely soft wholesale t-shirts and hoodies, 1340 Collective comes in at a higher price tag of $57 a shirt and $77 for a hoodie. Their limited and sometimes exclusive releases, coupled with a growing brand name and style makes 1340 a must cop brand. 

7. Pleasures

Coming in at the #7 spot for best t-shirt brand is Pleasures, founded and designed by Alex James. Founded in 2015, Pleasures has come to market by storm with it’s grungy, often sexual designs and photo content. James, who’s Instagram says explicitly, “I only know how to be myself” brings to life a view on streetwear and t-shirts not seen anywhere else.

Having collaborated with companies like Adidas, Reebok, and even Crocs, Pleasures shows that they’re a major player in the streetwear fashion space; Chief Keef, The Weeknd, Kylie Jenner, and Wiz Khalifa all having been spotted sporting the Pleasures name. 

Printed on wholesale blank t-shirts, Pleasures’ products are of extreme quality even after many washes. At $40 a shirt and upwards of $90 for a hoodie, Pleasures creates pieces for the consumer looking to express themselves through Alex James’ erotic vision. 

6. Chinatown Market

Coming in at the #6 spot for best t-shirt brand is Chinatown Market, founded and designed by Mike Cherman. A brand built from failure, lessons learned, and a constant will to push ahead and correct past mistakes, Chinatown Market has become one of the most prominent names in the streetwear clothing industry. 

Bright colors and a big yellow smiley face are something you will often see on Cherman’s designs. Mixed in with even brighter Instagram posts and trippy ad campaigns, Chinatown has created an aesthetic that is unlike any other brand. 

CTM offers much more than printed wholesale t-shirts and at a wide variety of different price points. Check out their website to see their full catalog of shirts, shoes, pants, hoodies, jackets, basketballs, and even camping tents. 


Coming in at the #5 spot for best t-shirt brand is NEWYOUTHPROJECT, founded and designed by Crea Tyler. A brand built in controversy and brought to life by such a unique character in Crea, it’s hard to leave NYP off of this list. Crea uses the United Nations and Antarctica as inspiration for his collections, debuting beautiful and mysterious videos showcasing his life, work, and brand.  

NYP creates simple, extremely aesthetic designs with word placement being the staple to their pieces. Showcasing girls, tropical paradise, and Crea’s coined term “Saint Utopia” is NEWYOUTHPROJECT’s unique design style that makes them such an interesting brand to check out. 

NYP prints on wholesale blanks, but modifies them with custom sewn neck labels and other elements such as extended drawstrings on their hoodies. Releasing at random times throughout the year and with a very exclusive stock, NEWYOUTHPROJECT prices in at around $50 for a shirt and $100 for a hoodie. With NYP you’re buying into the story and it’s creator Crea Tyler who brings to life a barrage of stimulus to your senses, an absolute must cop the next time they release a collection. 

4. Drop Dead

Coming in at the #4 spot for best streetwear t-shirt brand is the UK based label Drop Dead. Founded by Bring Me the Horizon frontman Oli Sykes, Drop Dead bring to life an array of different themed collections. Past releases have featured Game of Thrones, Jurassic Park, and Star Wars: Rogue One as design inspiration. 

Sykes’ metalcore origins are extremely apparent in each of the pieces the brand drops, along with the styling and creative direction of ad campaigns and other media content. One visit to Drop Dead’s Instagram or website will show you all you need to know about the story this streetwear brand tells. 

With cut and sew pieces priced upwards of $100 and printed blanks around $40, Drop Dead releases an extremely quality product worthy of any street style wardrobe. Check out their latest anime inspired release here at the Drop Dead website. 

3. Gnarcotic 

Coming in at the #3 spot for best streetwear t-shirt brand is Gnarcotic. Founded and designed by Lil Gnar, Gnarcotic continuously proves to have the perfect mix of skating, streetwear, and hip-hop represented in their clothing releases. Gnarcotic is easily recognized by their staple multi colored camo pieces along with the graffiti like signature and drawings of Lil Gnar himself.

Gnar, with his rapid growing 700k+ Instagram following, documents a life of designed chaos, creating, and having fun. While posting pictures of flaming skateboards, rolling 10oz joints, and flexing RPGs, Gnar also creates music that represents the story, culture, and way of living unique to him and his brand. 

Gnarcotic releases their collections sporadically that more often than not sell out in the first few days. Printed on wholesale blanks, their pieces come in at around the $30 mark. If you want to wear a brand that is a living embodiment of its creator, Lil Gnar’s Gnarcotic is the best pickup you can make today.  

2. FTP

Coming in at the #2 spot is the ever controversial F*CKTHEPOPULATION. Founded and designed by ZacFTP, this company makes its voice heard with the shock factor they create in the streetwear t-shirt brand space. Having released a Columbine inspired gym tee, a shirt coining the brand as a terrorist organization, and releasing a lookbook on PornHub, it’s easy to see where Zac’s direction is with his creations. 

An extremely unique take on men’s streetwear clothing with the aim of making a statement is the best way to categorize FTP. Yet, you cannot categorize them as streetwear, ZacFTP has stated as such on many occasions. F*CKTHEPOPULATION is in the statement making business, it just so happens that their medium is the apparel they release. A brand with endless creative directions to go and countless people left to piss off, FTP is the perfect pick up if you’re looking to wear something that stands out and makes a very clear statement. 

#1 Sickö

Coming in at the #1 spot is Ian Connor’s Sickö. Born from pain, the streets, and the streetwear t-shirt brand turned fashion movement, Ian Connor is at the very pinnacle of success with his latest venture. His circle of influence includes A$AP Rocky, Virgil Ablog, A$AP Bari, Young Thug, Bol Bol and countless other modern fashion icons. Sickö is the perfect mixture of simplistic designs and high fashion aesthetic printed onto wholesale blank t-shirts. 

Ian mixes an extremely cool typeface logo with stellar graphic placement and color coordination, sometimes mixing in @t_rexglobal’s painted demon girls on top of the originally printed designs. Sickö stays at the top of the game for simplistic, yet powerful graphic design.

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