Stunna 4 Vegas “RICH YOUNGIN” Album Review

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January 21, 2020
stunna 4 vegas

On January 17th Stunna 4 Vegas dropped his second studio album RICH YOUNGIN under Interscope Records and Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment. After giving the album multiple listens through over the last week its apparent that Stunna came through with his usual lineup of bangers, each track going just as hard as the last with BDB’s signature sound that blew up onto the scene via label head DaBaby in 2019. Since RICH YOUNGIN’s release we’ve given it a thorough listen through and feel that we are able to give a solid review of each track and the project as a whole. The way we do reviews at Dead in LA is different than most sites, we don’t assign a number or letter grade to the tracks or album, we just talk about what we do and do not like in the form of our own personal opinions and ultimately it is up to you as the listener to form your own opinion of the project. 

Looking at RICH YOUNGIN as a whole, Stunna 4 Vegas clearly wanted to follow up his 2019 release BIG 4x with a project that shows his blow up onto the scene wasn’t by mistake. From start to finish we get that heavy hitting flex Stunna is known to bring on every track, with songs like FYE and F*CKING UP FREESTYLE taking it to a whole new level. If you’re looking for an album to get you amped the f*ck up this is the one, you’ll have punched a hole in the wall before you even get to song six, PUNCH ME UP 5. 

DO DAT (feat. DaBaby & Lil Baby)

Opening RICH YOUNGIN’ is a track featuring hard hitting 808s and the signature flow of Stunna and DaBaby toting their 6 month come up in 2019. DO DAT opens the album off with a bang setting the tone for the subsequent tracks flexing big racks, big business, and big booty bi*ches. Lil Baby comes in tough with the final verse joining Stunna and DaBaby talking about the millions they make and how easy they make it look. 

“F*ck how they feel, if we got a problem, then money’ll solve it


Track two goes f*cking stupid, plain and simple. Off rip Stunna spits hard over the Hollo produced beat and tells us what he and Billion Dollar Baby Ent are all about. 

“Play with me, he better not try to

Or you came to get hit with that fire

We deep like 300 Spartan”

Spark shit like the Fourth of July”

Definitely one of my favorites off the album and a song that has stayed on repeat since the January 17th release. This type of banger is what I’m talking about when I said you’re going to send a fist through a wall. 


Stunna goes straight back in with R & BEEF talking his usual sh*t over a saxophone melody and some more heavy hitting 808s. 

“I really live what I’m recordin’

I drop my nuts, I don’t give no fucks

This money come in by the bunch”

This is another one of my favorite tracks off the project, the absurd flow and delivery of his bars is just too hard and shows why he’s achieving this level of stardom.

CHANGE MY LIFE (feat. Blac Youngsta)

CHANGE MY LIFE  is yet another hard ass song that comes complete with a pretty hilarious video dropped yesterday on the DaBaby YouTube channel that you can check out here:

These lyrics are all that need to be said about the song and video, just go ahead and watch it for yourself lmfao.

“I’m killing this b*tch all night

I hit her with all my might

She know I dick her down just right

If she eat the dick good I might buy her a flight”


RUSSIAN switches up the sound heard up until this point in the album just a bit and its still a fire 90 seconds keeping up with the theme consistent throughout this RICH YOUNGIN project. On Twitter and Reddit I’ve seen this song talked about as a lot of people’s favorite from the album and I can definitely see why. The flute and Stunna’s delivery go well with the slow hitting 808s, this track being a sort of interlude. 


LOU WILL goes just as hard as the rest of the album, the beat bangs and Stunna talks his sh*t, but for some reason this is one of my least favorite songs on the project. I don’t really know what it is, but I have listened to this track the least out of the 12.


“Aye let me hear that ho Jeff” This song is harddddd. Jeff always delivers with the some of the craziest drum patterns in the game and Stunna 4 Vegas just goes absolutely berserk for the entirety of the song. 

“I don’t run from my problems, I run it up

Got that lil’ advance, I f*cked it up”

F*CKING UP FREESTYLE  is definitely up their as one of my favorite on this project, I’ve probably listened to it the most out of all 12 songs because its just undeniably good. Stunna and Beat By Jeff are a deadly combo that I hope to see a lot more of in the future. 


This track goes insane, its another quick 90 seconds of Stunna delivering some crazy bars over a super dope beat that’s completely different than the rest of the album. This man is really able to make a statement in a minute and a half. 

“She soaking, I get her wet like an ocean

Quarterback, I put the play in motion 

Double G hold my Glock, I don’t need a holster” 

UP THE SMOKE (feat. Offset)

This is another undeniable banger and was released on November 8th, 2019 as the lead single to RICH YOUNGIN.  Having accrued over 25 million streams on Spotify, UP THE SMOKE has far surpassed Stunna’s fan favorites, such as “Animal” and “Ashley.” Offset and Stunna go really well together their individual flows and lyricism playing off of each other creating a super dope sound. Check out the accompanying music video to UP THE SMOKE here:


WALK UP even being the 11th track into the album is yet again another slap with Stunna delivering just as he has throughout the entirety of the project.

“I don’t need no stylist, lil’ bitch I be sauced up

I’m fresh as fuck on the walk up

You wan’ be a boss? Best believe its gon’ cost ya”

There isn’t a single filler track on this album, each one bangs and shows the level that Stunna 4 Vegas and Billion Dollar Baby Ent are on. 


Stunna finishes this album on the same vibe he started it with, flexing his come up and the new lifestyle him and his team really live. Stunna and Hollo create some crazy sh*t together, this track is the perfect finish to a fire album through and through. 

Be sure to follow Stunna 4 Vegas on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with all things RICH YOUNGIN and his future releases. Stream RICH YOUNGIN now on Spotify and all other major streaming platforms. 

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