9 of the Top Clothing Brands in 2019

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August 3, 2019
top clothing brands

Choosing the top clothing brands in 2019 really comes down to the author of that lists personal preference. There are endless options you can choose from when gathering a list of brands and ultimately whether or not one brand makes the list of top clothing brands over another really comes down to the taste of the one curating said list. In this article I’m the author whose taste has been the deciding factor, so this list of brands is going to based off of what I think makes a clothing brand better over another.

My preference falls under the category of streetwear/ urban clothing styles, hence why I run the streetwear brand Dead in LA. Although, the top clothing brands I’ve listed out below don’t all necessarily fall under the streetwear niche. There is a mixture of streetwear, high fashion, and activewear brands all added to this list because I feel they are the best clothing brands on the market. I’ve used factors such as the brand’s story, their different designs, the owner of the brand, the content they create, etc to determine which brands make this list, so there is a mixture of different things that might put one clothing brand over another. This list of top clothing brands is in no order, every one listed on here offers incredible products and a great brand worth checking out. 

So without further ado..

The Top Clothing Brands in 2019

9. Stone Island

top clothing brands stone island

First on the list for top clothing brands is the Italian high-end men’s apparel line Stone Island. Stone Island was founded in 1982 by Massimo Osti and the pieces they create are easily recognizable by the compass logo featured in many of the designs. They offer a wide variety of products such as t-shirts, hats, and hoodies, but Stone Island is most notably known for the outerwear they offer. From down jackets to full on winter coats, Stone Island delivers a fantastic product that is definitely worth checking out. Their pieces do fall into the higher end of the pricing spectrum, but their slogan, “Research and technology applied to material” is the reason they can command such price tags. The products they offer are of the highest quality and pieces that would be a great pick up for anybody today. 

8. Ev Bravado

best clothing brands ev bravado

Next up on the top clothing brands list is the DIY streetwear brand Ev Bravado. Founded and designed by MURDERBRAVADO, Ev Bravado offers the highest quality, most unique denim on the market. The Virgil Abloh protege has developed a completely new style of pants that are eye catching and provocative. Ripped everywhere, tie-dyed, patches, embroidery, leather, straps, metal accessories, the list goes on of the unique features that Ev Bravado offers in the products they create. This brand is one of a kind in the pieces they design and the price tag on their products is absolutely warranted when you see the craftsmanship put into each one. If you want stunning denim to add to your collection, Ev Bravado is the place to pick it up. 

7. Supreme

supreme is a top clothing brand

Supreme is a brand that pretty much makes every top clothing brand list ever made. One of the, if not the OG streetwear company, Supreme is an iconic name and logo that has changed the clothing game forever. Simple pieces, elaborate pieces, collaborations, accessories, toys, even a blow up kayak and paddle, Supreme has it all. No brand in the world has been able to build a name like Supreme has where anything and everything they make can’t be wrong. The Supreme name and box logo has pretty much become a part of streetwear meme culture which has resulted in 5 second sell outs and ridiculous resale prices. Whatever it is that you need, Supreme has it to offer with their signature branding blasted all over it. Most notably, the clothing collaborations they do are some of the best on the market, creating an extremely aesthetic pieces that are a must cop for most wardrobes. Depending on the product you pick up from Supreme, the prices are reasonable, but if you want that rare item or coveted collaboration expect to pay a premium because the resale price is going to be through the roof. 

6. Live Fit Apparel

best clothing brand live fit

The next company on the list for top clothing brands is Live Fit, founded by Randall Pich. Live Fit is a lifestyle clothing brand that shows its Californian roots throughout its entirety. Their Instagram bio says fitness, surf, skate and the clothing they create puts a unique twist on each of those activities. The style of Randall Pich shows through with the tattoo shop inspired designs and black aesthetic. Coming in at the very affordable end of pricing and their pieces all fit great and accentuate the shoulders and arms. They release a multitude of different collections all throughout the year each with a new twist on the signature Live Fit look. Pieces from this brand are a great pickup and you definitely should look more into the message and culture behind the company that makes them. 

5. Louis Vuitton

top fashion label louis voitton

Louis Vuitton makes this list of top clothing brands in 2019 all because of their move with the men’s collection. Bringing on Virgil Abloh, the creative director of Off-White to creative direct their new menswear collection was an ingenious move that has paid dividends. The life Virgil has helped breath into the streetwear fashion culture has been in incredible and Louis Vuitton embraced the modern era by bringing him in. The pieces they have released have been super unique and are definitely something worth checking out. Obviously LV comes in at the high end of the price spectrum, but if you’re interested in dope pieces and/or have the money to pick them up, then there is something for you in these most recent collections.  

4. Palm Angels

best clothing labels in the world palm angels

Next on the list for top 9 clothing brands of 2019 is Palm Angels founded and designed by Francesco Ragazzi. Starting from a coffee table book of LA skate scene photography, Palm Angels turned into a full fledged designer fashion label. The pieces they release are what you would expect from a brand like this with an extremely cool collection each season. The aesthetic they bring to the table is unique and shows through a lot of it’s skater roots. Ragazzi does a great job capturing his roots and designing them into the clothing he releases. These high end brands release many pieces of footwear, accessories, and other items along with their clothing as well. Some of the Palm Angels slides and phone cases are absolute must cops in my opinion.

3. Nike

nike one of the top clothing brands in the world

Much like Louis Vuitton making this list earlier on, Nike makes the list of top clothing brands because of the brand story and their incredible adaptiveness to the changing times. Time and time again Nike has evolved to the era and helped mold the footwear and fashion space. Most recently the collaborations with Off-White and a multitude of different streetwear brands, designers, and influencers. The Nike collaborations with these brands are often the coolest drops of the year and are pieces that everyone agrees are dope. Nike has proven to be one of the, if not the leader in progressiveness in terms of enormous companies working with small brands and creating incredible pieces. Check out some of the recent collaborations they’ve done with Fear of God, Mathew Williams, Off-White, and Cactus Plant Flea Market to see what I mean when I say best footwear drops of the year. 

2. FTP 

ftp is one of the fashion lines

Next on the list for top clothing brands is the edgy and provocative label F*&KTHEPOPULATION. With shocking designs that gather insane press coverage for being offensive, FTP brings to market an extremely unique design style and brand culture. Founder and designer ZacFTP shows the life of a popping young entrepreneur who knows how to make a name for himself. Repping FTP puts you into a community of hip-hop and LA street culture that is rapidly growing. Artists like Lil Gnar, Germ, and $uicideBoy$ all rep the FTP name along with the wave of fans each one has behind them. Although the pieces they release seem to often cause some sort of controversy, FTP continues to grow and release more and more dope clothing with each passing collection. On the lower end of the price spectrum they’re a definite must cop for your wardrobe. 

1. Sickö

sick is a great brand

The final brand on the list for top clothing brands of 2019 Ian Connor’s Sickö born from pain. Sickö is a brand that comes from the upper echelons of fashion with influence from all of the top names in the industry. They use a bold printed typeface and/or emblem logo that is the focal point of every piece, using simplicity and color to do the speaking. These pieces have a modern, aesthetic simplicity about them that would look any outfit look sick. The devil girl graphics that have yet to be released, but are seen on many of the collaborators within the company are an extremely cool touch to the simple design. Priced around the midpoint of the market, Sickö offers some really cool pieces that would definitely add to the wardrobe a stellar look. 

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